August 2015

The Art Club of McKinney has general meetings at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (above) every 2nd Thursday of each month except June and July. The Carriage House is behind the Heard-Craig house at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX 75069 (the beautiful, yellow Victorian house).

Parking is available behind the Heard-Craig House. Enter the parking lot from North Church Street. Please park in the areas marked on the map below. Please do not park in the spaces closest to the Carriage House unless you have a handicapped sticker on your car.

August 13, 2015 Meeting

The next general meeting is August 13, 2015, from 9:30 am - noon. You are welcome to join us :)

We are meeting at the Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House). See map above. Please park in the areas marked above.


Program Artist Show and Tell

New and returning members are invited to bring a piece of their recent artwork to share with the audience. Each person will have a few minutes to tell us about themself and their artwork. This ia a great way get to know the other artists and see their work.

The board members will provide refreshments.

Be sure to stop by the membership table to sign in and pick up your name tag.

The Art Club Yearbook is being updated this month and will be available at the next general meeting (September 10, 2015). The members directory (part of the yearbook) will include only paid members. If you have not paid your dues for August 2015-May 2016, please stop by the treasurer's table and do so at this meeting. Also check the membership list to make sure your that ALL your information is correct.

There will be no Mini Art Show at this meeting.

About This Website

About Us: Includes information about the monthly meetings, how to join, postal mail address, email address, list of Board of Directors, list of Committee Chairperson, and a link to a map.

Calendar: A calendar of Art Club events from June 2015-May 2016, including board meetings, general meetings, hosts and programs, art shows, and other relevant events.

Artists Gallery: Free gallery of members' art.

Members: Names of current members. Other member information (address, telephone, email, website, art interests) is displayed upon member request.

Sponsors: List of organizations sponsoring the club during this club year, including information about the sponsor and a link to their website.

Art Links: Eclectic list of organizations recommended by members. Includes all sorts of galleries, stores, workshops, art media, discount, specialty, local, online, etc. Definitely worth a look see.


The Art Club of McKinney, founded in 1914 in McKinney, Texas, was created to encourage the appreciation of visual art in the community. 100 years later, the club continues to support this goal with:

  • monthly meetings for members and visitors
  • lectures on art topics
  • demonstrations and workshops of various media and techniques
  • art shows for adults and children
  • organized visits to museums and gallery exhibits
  • field trips to “paint outside the gallery”
  • directory of local artists
  • online gallery for art club members
The Art Club of McKinney meets at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX), on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through May. The business meeting starts at 9:30 am and the program starts at 10 am.

The program generally includes a presentation/demo by a visiting artist and occasionally, after a brief lunch break, a workshop taught by the visiting artist. Light refreshments and time to socialize are available at the beginning, middle, and/or end of each meeting.

You may join the Art Club of McKinney in person at the monthly meeting or any time by completing the membership application located in About Us.