February 2015 Meeting
Thursday, February 12, 2015
9:30 am - 10 am: Old and New Business
10:00 am - Noon: Program
First United Methodist Church of McKinney, Reception Gallery
306 North Church Street
(park in back of building and enter there)
McKinney, Texas

What's Happening at This Meeting
The Heard-Craig Hall is now owned by the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) of McKinney. We will still have our meetings in the same room as always, but now it is called the Reception Gallery. Please download the FUMC User Requirements and read it so you are aware of the FUMC requirements that we must abide by.

Our hosts for this meeting are Sue Pearson, Patricia Hopkinson, and JoAnne Minkley.

Be sure to check in and get your name badge before the meeting begins. At 9:30 am, President Lynda Kingsley will start the meeting, welcome new and returning members, review old and new business, and present an Art Spot.

Bring one of your artworks for "Artists of the Month" at this meeting. Be sure to cover your signature on your art. Members will vote on 1st and 2nd place. Winning artists will receive gift certificates to Asel Art.

At the end of the business meeting, Carol Kovacs, Program Chairperson, will introduce the program.

Program:Michael Holter, "Painting Light in Watercolor"

Texas artist, Michael Holter works in both watercolor and oil. Michael's work has received numerous awards and recognition and can be found in private and corporate collections in the US and several foreign countries. His current work in two categories: watercolor figurative and oil landscapes (both plein air and studio). Although Michael has been painting most of his life, his work experience spans a wide range of creative endeavors, from art teacher, creative director and businessman in fine art and commercial art. Michael has owned and operated two galleries.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and an MA in Visual Communication. He is a signature member of The National Watercolor Society, the Southwestern Watercolor Society and The Society of Watercolor Artists. He is also a member of the American Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society, The Outdoor Painters Society, the Portrait Society of America and the American Impressionist Society.

Michael says, "I think of my work as impressionistic. I like to represent people or places and allow the painting to evolve from the structure of what is recognizable. The challenge is to balance the care needed to make the representation interesting… and perhaps believable, with the freedom, looseness and painterly quality that makes painting so unique and expressive."

Click on Slick below to view a YouTube speed painting as Michael demonstrates his painting techniques.

Art Shows

Every year The Art Club of McKinney hosts two art shows open to Collin County residents. This year the Art Shows will take place March 20-22, 2015, at the First United Methodist Church of McKinney, Reception Gallery (formerly called the Heard-Craig Hall), 306 North Church Street, McKinney, TX. Every year the art shows attract wonderful artists from high school students to adults. The shows are not juried, but they will be judged by known judges. Ribbons and cash prizes will be awarded.

Adults - Please download the Prospectus for 51st Adult Art Show for information about entering the Adult Art Show. Note: A category for Fiber Arts has been added to the Adult Art Show. The judge for the Adult Art Show is Maureen Brouillette.

High School Students - Please download the Prospectus for Collin County Student Art Show for information about entering the Student Art Show.

The 51st Annual Collin County Adult Art Show and the Collin County Art Shows are sponsored by The Art Club of McKinney and funded in part by the City of McKinney through the City of McKinney Arts Commission.


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The Art Club of McKinney, founded in 1914 in McKinney, Texas, was created to encourage the appreciation of visual art in the community. 100 years later, the club continues to support this goal with:

  • monthly meetings for members and visitors
  • lectures on art topics
  • demonstrations and workshops of various media and techniques
  • art shows for adults and children
  • organized visits to museums and gallery exhibits
  • field trips to “paint outside the gallery”
  • directory of local artists
  • online gallery for art club members
The Art Club of McKinney meets at the Heard-Craig Gallery, 306 North Church Street, McKinney, Texas, on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through May. The business meeting starts at 9:30 am and the program starts at 10 am.

The program generally includes a presentation/demo by a visiting artist and occasionally, after a brief lunch break, a workshop taught by the visiting artist. Light refreshments and time to socialize are available at the beginning, middle, and/or end of each meeting.

You may join the Art Club of McKinney in person at the monthly meeting or any time by completing the membership application located in About Us.