October 2016

The Art Club of McKinney meets the 2nd Thursday of every month except June and July, and has art-related programs from 9:30am-noon. The meeting place is in the Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House). See map below.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The General Meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. at the Carriage House followed by the Program.

Program - Jo Moncrief

JO MONCRIEF is continually turning the natural world around her into abstract compositions. On walks near her house, she follows the patterns of shadows on the ground, the sun’s reflection on buildings & surroundings. She studies the intricate cracks and shading on the sidewalk and uses these patterns for many of her abstract designs. She studies the texture and pattern of people’s faces and figures turning them into abstracted images. Many of Jo’s paintings have a touch of humor or thoughtful message implied in the painting.

Jo began her artistic career as a ceramic artist. Gradually her ceramic artwork became less functional and more like paintings on clay. Her acrylic paintings reflect her clay background with lots of texture and the love of glazes and color.

Jo paints or draws each day. Before she begins a painting, she prepares the canvas with texture. She then spatters, throws, lifts and/or moves paint around in a random manner to create an under painting. This under painting allows her to be more creative.

Jo’s artwork can be found in galleries and many of the top juried art festivals in the U.S. Her artwork has been featured in articles in the Dallas Morning News, Ft.Worth Star Telegram, Van Zandt County Line, et al.

In 2016, two of Jo's paintings, Turbulence & Tranquility and Searching for What Was, (in Home & Gallery images) have been accepted into North Light Books’ fourth annual Best of Acrylic competitionAcrylicWorks 4: Captivating Color! The book will be published in spring 2017. The artwork accepted in the book will show excellence and originality in acrylic paint achieved via a variety of styles and subjects.

Contact Jo by email: jo@jomoncrief.com or visit her website at: http://www.jomoncrief.com/home.html


Jo Moncrief presents October's program. She will start with a 30 minute slide show. Then, you can choose to watch or participate as she shows how to work with a very basic palette of colors and get a HUGE range of colors out of the mixes. Seeing the slide show will help make the transition into color mixing easier and more understandable.

When mixing colors, Jo will emphasize the importance of knowing the pigments and color bias of your paints and how this helps in mixing colors. She will working in acrylics, but the principles apply to oils, watercolors, and perhaps even inks and colored pencils.

If you want to mix colors along with Jo, you will need the following supplies. The color mixing session is 45-60 minutes (meant to give you a taste and not a full meal). So, you may not want to invest in all these supplies unless you plan on taking a full workshop with Jo later. You can plan in advance and group up with your friends to share supplies! The club will not be providing supplies.

Acrylic Paint
( Please note that Jo made some changes since our handout.)

Cad Red Medium
Quin Magenta or Alizarin Crimson hue
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Primary Yellow or Hansa Yellow Light
Cad Yellow Deep
Mars Black
Titanium White
Dioxinine Purple
Cad orange (optional - must not be the hue)
Pthalo Green
Pthalo Blue
Golden Nickel Azo Gold
Palette paper or freezer paper


Refreshments: Cher Marsden, Maria Hampton, Gail McLaughlin and Gena Roberson will provide refreshments.

2016-2017 Yearbook: The Yearbook is free and will be available at the October 2016 meeting for paid members.

Artist of the Month: Members can enter one artwork each month, and voting will be by secret ballot by those attending the meeting. You can win only once each club year, so everyone was eligible starting in September, The first place artwork will win a $25 gift certificate to Asel Art and the second place winner will receive a $15 gift certificate.The gift certificates are dated, so if you receive one, be sure to redeem it before the expiration date,

Door Prize: If you have something you want to donate as a door prize, please bring it. Members can purchase a ticket for $1 as a donation to the Art Club. You can be a lucky winner.

Also, there will be clipboards with sign-up sheets on the table when you come into the meeting room. You can sign up for workshops and other activitie there..


The officers for June 2016-May 2017 are:

 * President: Maribeth Jagger

 * 1st Vice President (Programs): Lynda Kingsley

 * 2nd Vice President (Communications): Gail McLaughlin

 * Recording Secretary: Barbara Stalick

    Secretary: Maggie Golinski

 * Treasurer: Patsy Johnson

 * Parliamentarian: Col. Robert Kellogg

   Historian: Angela McDonald

   Club Photographer: Gena Roberson

 * Member-at-Large: Carol Kovacs

 * Membership Officer: Sherry Joplin

 * Past President: Lynda Kingsley

      * Executive Board

About The Art Club of McKinney Website

The Art Club of McKinney website includes the following web pages:

About Us: Includes information about the monthly meetings, how to join, postal mail address, email address, list of Board of Directors, list of Committee Chairperson, and a link to a map.

Calendar: A calendar of Art Club events from June 2016-May 2017, including board meetings, general meetings, hosts and programs, art shows, and other relevant events.

Artists Gallery: Free gallery of members' art.

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Sponsors: List of organizations sponsoring the club during this club year, including information about the sponsor and a link to their website.

Art Links: Eclectic list of organizations recommended by members. Includes all sorts of galleries, stores, workshops, art media, discount, specialty, local, online, etc. Definitely worth a look see.


About The Art Club of McKinney

The Art Club of McKinney was founded in 1914 in McKinney, Texas, It was created to encourage the appreciation of visual art in the community. Over 100 years later, the club continues to support this goal with:

  • monthly meetings for members and visitors
  • lectures on art topics
  • demonstrations and workshops of various media and techniques
  • art shows for adults and children
  • organized visits to museums and gallery exhibits
  • field trips to “paint outside the gallery”
  • directory of local artists
  • online gallery for art club members
The Art Club of McKinney meets at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX), on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through May. The business meeting starts at 9:30 am and the program sta8, rts at 10 am.

The program generally includes a presentation/demo by a visiting artist and occasionally, after a brief lunch break, a workshop taught by the visiting artist. Light refreshments and time to socialize are available at the beginning, middle, and/or end of each meeting.

You may join the Art Club of McKinney in person at the monthly meeting or any time by completing the membership application located in About Us.