November 2015

November 12, 2015 Meeting

The next general meeting is Thursday, November 12, 2015, from 9:30 am - noon. You are welcome to join us :)

We are meeting at the Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House). See map below. Please park in the areas marked below.

Make and Take" - Fun Times Four

When you come to this meeting, get your name badge and pay $5.00 to get one piece of colored paper. That piece of colored paper is your ticket to four play tables. Everyone with the same color paper will be at the same play table. Each table will be making something different for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you (and the rest of your group) will go to a new play table and make something else. At the end of 2 hours, each person will have four different items that they have made.

Each table will be led by the Art Club members (highlighted below) and create something simple and fun in 30 minutes.


Table 1 - Toni Armenta Andrukaitis - Glass Painting
Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up with hearty Midwestern values and four season fortitude. My passion for art was nurtured in high school by caring teachers, who also influenced my choosing to study art in college. I received a four year scholarship to the University of Illinois in Chicago, graduating with honors in 1975 with a B.A. in Art Education. Teaching middle school for several years was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Fast forward forty years later, I have experimented with many art mediums, concentrating in watercolor, acrylic and decorative painting. Volunteering, teaching, learning, and experimenting with new art forms fill my days and brighten my soul.

If you bring one or two clear wine glasses, empty wine bottle, a small vase or other glass object, I will have several examples, paints and brushes to create a hand-painted treasure. If you don't bring something, I will provide a small finger bowl size container that would make a cute tea light holder.

“Our talents are the gift that God gives to us... What we make of our talents is our gift back to God”
― Leo Buscaglia

Table 2 - Carol Kovacs - Crystal Beads

I studied art at both Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and graduated from University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio, with a BS in Education and a minor in Art. I have been a member and 2-term president of the Art Club of McKinney since I moved to McKinney 10 years ago. I taught art in New Mexico for 12 years and enjoyed arts and crafts for many years .... there is always something new to learn!

My table will be making a beaded guardian angel ornament to hang on your tree or put into any arrangement you might create for the holidays. You could glue it onto a candle or use a pin back to
wear it on your coat. These will be made in red and green crystal beads. If you have a needle-nosed pliers, please bring that with you!

Table 3 - Gail McLaughlin - Zentangles
I was with EDS for 25 years, as a software engineer, a technical instructor, a usability engineer, and worked with a host of clients including the Nobel Prize organization in Sweden. I loved my job but when HP took over, I left EDS and immediately revived my love of art. I spent several years at Collin College making cool things in ceramics and bronze. I also joined The Art Club and started working on their website. I still maintain the website each month, and am a former club president.

My table will make a holiday zentangle. Zentangles emerged a few years ago, and became a very relaxing and popular hobby. You can doodle or draw whatever you like and it is okay. Bring a pair of paper scissors and a pencil. I will give you card stock and a fine felt tip pen. I will have designs for you to use as inspiration. You can decorate a card, create a 3-D zentangle, or just play. I will have some gel pens to add a bit of color if you like.

Table 4 - Lynne Weinberger - Felted Chickadee
I have an MBA from the University Cincinnati (marketing/research/statistics) and worked at Texas Instruments in sales training and technical marketing.

I have always loved fiber, fabrics and buttons, and I began sewing at age 9. Taught by my grandmother, a milliner and bridal and formal seamstress, my biggest thrill was sorting through her enormous tin of buttons and playing with all the lace and trim scraps at the shop, Ann's Vogue.

I discovered needle felting, a way to compress and bond wool and other natural fibers without sewing, a few winters ago. It's easy and fun to create 2D art and 3D objects with the special barbed needle tool. I have made felt pins, ornaments, hats, handbags, belts .... and have embellished many a sweater and jacket. My creations have been sold on Etsy and locally at the McKinney Farmers Market, Heard-Craig gift shop, Luscombe Farm, Snug on the Square and Patina Green.

Needle felting requires no sewing skills. It's the perfect way to use that sweater you accidentally shrunk in the wash or one that may have been visited by a friendly moth. Needle felting can be done on denim, cotton and linen, too.

I will provide all materials so you can make your own cheery chickadee....my most popular item.

The Meeting
Refreshments will be provided by our hosts: Lynne Weinberger, Toni Andrukaitus, Sandy Hinton-Forbes. Remember to give them a big hug and thank them :)

Be sure to stop by the membership table to sign in, pick up your name tag,
If you have not picked up your Yearbook for 2015-2016, please do so. Yearbooks are available for members who have paid their dues for this Art Club year.
If you have not paid your dues, you can receive a Yearbook after you pay your dues.

The Art Club is collecting donations at each general meeting to help raise monies for the Art Shows. Bring something nice to donate and can be raffled.

There WILL be a Mini Art Show at this meeting, so bring one piece of your art work to show. Members will vote on the art work and you could receive a gift certificate from Asel Art.

Where Do We Meet?
The Art Club of McKinney has general meetings at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (see above) every 2nd Thursday of each month except June and July. The Carriage House is behind the Heard-Craig house at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX 75069 (the beautiful, yellow Victorian house).

Parking is available behind the Heard-Craig House. Enter the parking lot from North Church Street. Please park in the areas marked on the map below. Please do not park in the spaces closest to the Carriage House unless you have a handicapped sticker on your car.


About Us: Includes information about the monthly meetings, how to join, postal mail address, email address, list of Board of Directors, list of Committee Chairperson, and a link to a map.

Calendar: A calendar of Art Club events from June 2015-May 2016, including board meetings, general meetings, hosts and programs, art shows, and other relevant events.

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The Art Club of McKinney, founded in 1914 in McKinney, Texas, was created to encourage the appreciation of visual art in the community. 100 years later, the club continues to support this goal with:

  • monthly meetings for members and visitors
  • lectures on art topics
  • demonstrations and workshops of various media and techniques
  • art shows for adults and children
  • organized visits to museums and gallery exhibits
  • field trips to “paint outside the gallery”
  • directory of local artists
  • online gallery for art club members
The Art Club of McKinney meets at the Heard-Craig Carriage House (behind the Heard-Craig House at 205 W Hunt St, McKinney, TX), on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through May. The business meeting starts at 9:30 am and the program starts at 10 am.

The program generally includes a presentation/demo by a visiting artist and occasionally, after a brief lunch break, a workshop taught by the visiting artist. Light refreshments and time to socialize are available at the beginning, middle, and/or end of each meeting.

You may join the Art Club of McKinney in person at the monthly meeting or any time by completing the membership application located in About Us.